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Public and Litigation Services from the USB

The Utah State Bar is a great source for a variety of public and litigation services. They often refer both attorneys and potential clients alike to the state’s myriad external resources.

USB Litigation Services

For example, not all courts in Utah have court recorders and videographers readily available for all court proceedings. And if you need recordings outside of the courtroom, it’s important that attorneys and their clients hire the most skilled professionals with the latest equipment.

Court recorders and videographers are in demand for witness interviews and conference and video calls. They also can offer expert-level transcriptions on short notice.

With the help of the Utah State Bar, you can get recommendations on the best resources for litigation services, as well as non-biased tips on finding and retaining an attorney. Peruse an online directory of all law and paralegal members practicing in the state, and enjoy a lawyer referral service designed to match clients with the attorneys who best suit their needs.

Litigation Services that are Transparent and Straightforward

The law can be confusing and intimidating, especially for someone who’s new to the system. The language is complicated, and every state has different rules.

The LegalMatch Referral Service is another USB-certified matching system that helps clients find the most suitable legal needs in their state. For both systems, attorneys cannot pay to be highly matched or featured, ensuring a fair process that puts client needs first.

Legal Aid

In some cases, clients may qualify for reduced-rate legal services via a “modest means lawyer referral,” also available on the USB website. Financial qualifications apply, and can vary year to year. Most recently, the poverty guidelines in Utah were outlined for households with one to eight members.

Free legal clinics and centers, including the Utah Courts Self-Help Center, can be found throughout Utah. Search the database, filtered by keywords, to find complimentary clinics that address your needs.

Current popular clinics include the Young Lawyers Division Tuesday Night Bar for attorneys, the Utah State Bar Debtor’s Counseling Legal Clinic and the Elder Senior Center Legal Program. Attorneys have many options for free and low-cost legal services.

Great Source of Info

On the USB website, you also can find commonly asked questions about attorneys in the state, as well as a user-friendly breakdown of the types of law they practice and which ones are best for your needs. A checklist to help you prepare to meet with your attorney is available for customization, and a chart for understanding legal fees as well as settling fee disputes with your attorney is also featured.

You can download a myriad of free legal documents, and an online document creation system makes it easy for attorneys and clients alike to quickly draft necessary documents.

From a comprehensive legal assistance database to pro bono services and legal clinics by city, the Utah State Bar is a fantastic resource. You also can contact DepoMaxMerit Litigation Services to connect with top-ranked litigation services in the state.