Court Recorder Job Outlook

court recorder jobsAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the court recorder profession has a job growth outlook of 2 percent and an annual median salary of $49,500 per year, or $23.80 per hour. Two percent

Court Recorders and Mentorship

court recorder mentor“No one understands court reporting like another court recorder,” says Rhonda Menor. Menor is a registered court reporter who established the Virtual Mentor Program with the National Court Recorde

Court Recorder Audio Files Protected

court recording utahThe New Jersey Supreme Court recently passed a law to protect court recorders there from unreasonable and illegal demands of their audio files. The Certified Court Reporters Association (CCRA)

Court Recorder vs. Taped Recordings

Court Recorder Vs. Taped RecordingsIs a court recorder or a taped recording better in the judicial system? According to the National Court Recorders Association (NCRA), after a brief love affair with taped recordings, the judici

Public and Litigation Services from the USB

USB Litigation ServicesThe Utah State Bar is a great source for a variety of public and litigation services. They often refer both attorneys and potential clients alike to the state’s myriad external resources. For