Legal Support Continuing Education

Legal Support EducationContinuing education for the legal support industry is important so that court reporters and videographers can keep up to date with industry changes. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) of

History of the Court Recorder’s Stenograph

Stenograph HistoryWhen you see a court recorder’s stenograph in a courtroom, movie or on the news, it might look like a relic from the past, but this special tool has a rich history. Miles Bartholomew invented

Court Videographer Standards

Court Videographer StandardsCourt videographers aren’t required by all court systems and employers to hold Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Council status from the National Court Reporters Association. However, the stan

Court Recorder Duties

Court Reporter DutiesDid you know court reporters are often the ones who prescribe the oaths witnesses have to take? Many times, it’s the recorder or reporter who actually gives oaths in the courtroom, especiall

Court Recordings on Speed

Court Recording SpeedCourt recordings are famous for being taken down at lightning speed, but how do court recorders get so fast? It’s an acquired skill that takes a lot of practice, and it requires special dicta