A Court Recorder Career Profile

Court Recorder CareerWhether you’re thinking of hiring a court recorder, becoming one or you simply want to know more about these necessary legal support aids, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has you covered with u

Legal Support Services Include Conference Rooms

Conference RoomWhen you think of legal support, you probably think of court recorders, deposition videographers and transcriptionists, but what about conference rooms? A reliable, secure place to work is an o

Court Videographer Must-Haves

Being a court videographer requires a special skill set, starting with certification. Many types of certifications are available, but one of the most well-regarded in the field is Certified Deposition

What Makes a Great Court Recorder?

Court Recorder Sometimes a legal team needs to hire its own court recorder — it’s not always a guarantee that every courtroom will provide one. Other times, you may need a court recorder outside of the court