DepomaxMerit Litigation Services are Certified Legal Video Specialists, CLVS, who are trained in both the technical arts as well as the nuances of legal video testimony.

Our expert videographers and staff use the latest technology to deliver a coordinated and superior customer experience.

Book our Certified Legal Video Specialists for:

  • Preserving testimony
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Documenting evidence
  • Mock trials
  • Video and audio clips
  • Video-Text Synchronization
  • DepomaxMerit Litigation Services can provide the highest quality synchronized transcripts to make searching your transcript fast and simple. This allows you to easily create video clips of your depositions using key phrases you remember from the testimony
  • Dual Camera Videography
  • Damage surveys & inspections
  • Site Surveys
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Prenuptial agreement signing and execution

Video Quality: Our network of videographers is uniquely trained to understand the presentation impact of video testimony. We use high quality digital cameras, consider witness position, camera angles, lighting, and provide chroma key backgrounds to assure a crisp, credible presentation.

Audio Quality: Often overlooked, quality audio allows jurors to focus on testimony without being distracted. We concentrate on the sources of audio, with separate microphones on key speakers and constant monitoring of audio levels.

Digital Video: All video production is shot in a state-of-the-art digital format, assuring a high quality video for maximum trial impact.

Video Archive: We maintain a master copy of all video assignments so you can be assured that the testimony is preserved.

Transcript Synchronization: Upon request, we can fully synchronize transcript and video. Watch your video with simultaneous transcript scrolling. Our DVT format allows for preservation and emailing of video clips. DVT format includes all standard formats for importation into trial presentation software.

Formatting: VHS, CD-ROM and DVD, DVT; we provide the proper format for your needs. And we can convert your video for maximum utility. Our standard DVT format provides maximum utility for video review and trial presentation.

Editing: Confident, effective testimony requires focused presentation. We can edit your pivotal testimony for presentation and cross-examination.